Sugar Mountain Sign Services

Sugar Mountain Sign Services

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Sugar Mountain has been manufacturing and installing real estate sign posts since 1978.

Quick Service

92% of the time your sign will be installed the next business day, and over 99% are completed within 2 days.

Proven Results

Our sign posts are 8 feet tall, so your listing will stand out in the crowd and will garnish the attention it deserves.
Sturdy and Rugged
Our posts are made from pressure treated 4" x 4" wood to last in most weather conditions.  Our installation process requires 2 feet of the post to be placed into the ground to provide a sturdy and rugged post.  If a post falls over we will fix it free of charge.
Your listing will stand out
Our posts are 8 feet tall with a 4 foot arm to hang your post on. The post is placed about 2 feet into the ground to give a 6 foot tall post to attract the attention your home deserves.  The posts can be painted any color to make an even bigger statement!

How it Works

3 easy steps to a sign installation!
Login to your account
We provide the ability to order Post Installations and other services through our website.  To access the order form, login through our website and navigate to the "New Order" page.
Tell us about the listing
Our order form has all the information we need to install a post for returning customers; Real Estate Office, Listing Information, and the Service Requested.  Please fill out each field to avoid any errors.
Sit back and relax
Once the order is submitted, you will be redirected to a confirmation page to summarize your order.  An email with this information will be sent to your email address on file.  We put 99% of our orders up in 2 business days!

Pennsylvania and New Jersey Office

Contact us at 215-322-6700 or send an email to